Porsche prototype!

First- a thousand thank you's to Mr. Dave Deal who graciously sold this piece to me straight out of his studio! I can't begin to convey my excitement about being able to see and hold this unique piece of Deal's Wheels history. I talked to Mr. Deal about this piece by phone and have some of the history of it:

Mr. Deal would prepare sketches of ideas for the Deal's Wheels models. If Revell gave the go-ahead on a sketch, Dave would than create a clay mockup of the body. Revell would take the clay mockup and cast a resin piece from it which was then returned to Dave for further refinements. Once the piece was finalized, it was returned to Revell upon which they would create detailed construction drawings by extensively measuring the resin piece. The drawings were then given to the tool makers to create the final molds for the model.

This prototype is the resin piece that was cast from the clay and was not completed when Revell pulled the plug on the Deal's Wheels line. Revell never gave Mr. Deal an explanation for terminating production. This resin piece had been in Mr. Deal's studio ever since. This is the last Deal's Wheels car, and never made it beyond what you see here (unless Revell picks up the line some day! Hey, we can dream!).

The first 2 pics are quarter views of the piece and the 3rd pic is of the bottom. Too COOL!