010 powered planes

Here are a few pics I posted on E Zone for fun a while back. I've been playing around with Astroflight 010 brushless motors in various geared combinations and these are 4 of my 010 flyers. 2 of these planes are described in more detail elsewhere on this site, I'll be adding the other 2 later. I'll try to take some better pics when the grass is green and the weeds are dead too- haha! It was a little early in the year for a grass shot I think! Planes are as follows:

Top: Tiny X by Toddsmodels.com (010 w/4.4:1 planetary gearbox, 9x6 APC prop, 3x600 HO Kokams)

Left: Double Trouble, something I designed (010 w/4.43:1 GWS gearbox, clipped 9x7 GWS prop, 3x1020 Kokams)

Right: Wasp (010 w/3.22:1 GWS gearbox, 8x6 GWS prop, 3x600 HO Kokams)

Bottom: Little Tiny (010 w/5.33:1 GWS gearbox, 10x8 GWS prop, 3x600 or 3x450 HO Kokams)

HO Kokams are from Troy at www.b-p-p.com. He also sells a fantastic charger for li-poly cells.

These are all great-flying planes. They all fly slightly differently because of their designs and power setups. The Wasp is the fastest of the bunch with the Tiny X a close second. The Double Trouble and Little Tiny are excellent close quarters planes. All 4 are highly aerobatic.