This is a Todd's Models kit, and it is a very quick and easy build. It is designed for 3D flight in particular, but also makes an excellent pattern practice platform. Despite it's size, this plane flies comfortably in my (large) backyard.

I really bit off more than I thought on the covering. It's a very complex layout and required much more time than building the plane! It uses 4 colors of Solite that overlap to create additional colors (yellow over blue for green and blue over red for purple). I also added a screaming pilot out of note card material like I did on the Nemesis as well as a sneering face on the nose of the plane out of pieces of SoLite.

The motor/ gearbox is as recommended by Todd and work great on this plane. Flight times are 20 minutes!

Equipped as follows:

Mega 16/15/4 in Astroflight 709 aluminum gearbox

APC 12x6 prop

3s1p 2100 Thunder Power li-polys

GWS Pico servos (x2)

Hitec HS-55 servos (x2)

Berg 5 receiver (2 aileron servos require a 6 channel receiver, the Berg is 5 channel, but the 5th channel is channel 6)

Wingspan is 34", length 39"; weight without battery pack is 13.4 ounces, 18 ounces with battery pack