UPDATE 09-27-10: it's been almost exactly 7 years since I built this plane (it first flew on 09-23-03) and it's still flying great! I was at the DEAF fly-in yesterday and entered it in the all-up-last-down contest. I had originally planned on flying the Mystery Man, but it was very windy (Weatherbug was showing 17 mph with gusts to 25). Ol' batty took on the wind against 3 two meter sailplanes and managed to stay aloft for 35 minutes for a second place finish. That was on an old 3s 900 Thunder Power pack. I was impressed it stayed up that long, the conditions were terrible!


This is a plane with LOADS of personality!! When I saw it, it just said "bat" to me so I covered and decorated it to look like a cartoony bat. This was the first design by westport-design and unfortunately is no longer available. The laser cutting is the most decorative and creative I have ever seen on an R/C plane kit. It is an aileron/elevator plane and flight characteristics are similar to the Tiny X. It flies quite nicely and has strong vertical on the 010/planetary setup. Aerobatics are limited due to the lack of rudder, but it performs loops, rolls and combos quite well.

It is currently equipped as follows:

Astroflight 14t 010 w/ Maxon 4.4:1 planetary gearbox

APC 11x7 prop

3x730 TPs

GWS Pico servos (x2)

GWS Pico receiver

Wingspan is 28"; weight without battery pack is 6.7 ounces, 9.3 ounces with battery pack

Covering is SoLite (trans. yellow, black)

Run times are around 12 minutes.

I'll throw the following picture in here as it was an alpha test for the same kitter as the Darth Smaul. Very cool looking little plane! It was tiny at about a 16" wingspan and weighed something like 3.2 oz. with a 3s 480 TP pack. Unfortunately I had a lot of difficulty with take-offs and landings with it. Once in the air it flew VERY fast, but aerobatics were a mixed bag. We later tested an airfoil on it (it was originally a flat plate). The airfoil helped, but I destroyed the plane in testing due to a bad receiver antenna damaged in an earlier crash. I think the design is on hold now.