This is my first ducted fan model. The jet is a styrofoam molding of an F-16 by Flying Styro and is intended for free-flight, but some people have converted them to R/C use. The conversion is a bit involved as there are no provisions for R/C. Most people set them up with elevons, but I like for my planes to have nice, axial rolls, so I cut ailerons into the wings and used elevator only on the tail surfaces.

The ducted fan unit goes at the very rear of the plane. It's an 8 turn 010 in a Wemotec fan unit, the motor/fan come preassembled. ESC is a Phoenix 10. The setup only draws 6.7 amps on 3 li-poly cells and produces 74 watts and 6.5 oz. of static thrust. I'm running new 3s2p 340 Kokams (for 680 mah capacity) that are able to sustain 12 amp discharges. Flight times are an impressive 6minutes of full throttle flying with another minute of partial power for landing approach.

Due to the light all-up-weight of this little jet, hand launches are easy. Loops from level flight are easily done and the rolls look great. While not as aerobatic as my other planes, this little jet is a joy to fly because it looks so cool in the air!

The kit comes with a thin plastic blow-molded pilot and seat. He is in 2 pieces and joining the halves is a challenge as they don't fit worth a darn. I used Squadron Green putty and a lot of sanding to get it to look like a pilot! A little paint and he's ready to turn-and-burn!

Equipped as follows:

Astroflight 8 turn 010 in Wemotec mini fan

3s2p 340 high discharge Kokams

GWS Pico servos (x2)

GWS Pico receiver

Wingspan is 23", length 26.5"; weight without battery pack is 7.5 ounces, 9.7 ounces with battery pack

Video is 6.2 meg and is located here:


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