Fokker Dr.-1

After seeing local club member Frank Korman fly his beautiful Dr.-1 at DEAF a couple of years ago, I had to have one! I asked my wife for the kit as a Christmas present and she delivered. This is a Pat Tritle design and is kitted by Dare. Like many of Dare's kits, it is a builder's kit and takes a bit of figuring by the builder. I made several mod's including adding rare earth magnets to hold the lower wing, wing struts and cowl in place, lightening many of the ply parts to save weight and building the cowling out of 1/64" ply instead of paper. I also added some really nice spoked wheels hand made by Keith (Sparky) Sparks, some spandau guns from Wright Brothers, a radial engine from Dare (I subbed carbon fiber for the plastic pushrods though) and a pilot caricature bust stolen from an old Deal's Wheels model kit. The covering is silver and white SoLite with hand cut black SoLite insignias and yellow accent covering on the cowling. This kit is rudder/ elevator only (some dihedral has been added to the wings for stability), but it is surprisingly aerobatic. It will do inside and outside loops with ease, does surprising rudder rolls (you'd swear it has ailerons) and wicked-cool flat spins. It will also fly quite slowly! Really a blast to fly!

Thanks to ChrisVanderbilt for the photo below taken of me holding the Fokker at DEAF 2005 with James Bruce next to me.

Equipped as follows:

Razor 400 in GWS gearbox geared 5.33:1 turning a 10x4.7 APC prop

Phoenix 10 ESC

3s1p 1320 Thunder Power li-polys

GWS Pico servos (x2)

Berg 4 receiver

Wingspan is 31" (top wing with balancers), length 26"; weight without battery pack is 11.5 ounces, 14.5 ounces with battery pack