Here's a tiny plane that is a load of fun to fly in a small area! It is  a quick-building balsa kit by Racical R/C. Incredibly, what you are looking at is the BIG wing version, and its only 14" across! Parts for both wing versions come in the kit. I imagine it would fly well with a stock brushed  GWS IPS type motor on 2 cells, but on a 12mm brushless and 3 cells it is quite a little rocket. My daughter clocked it for me, the first 2/3 of the flight we could not get a read on it because it was moving so fast and I was having trouble getting it lined up with the gun. We finally got several readings in the 56-57 mph range late in the pack. No doubt it's exceeding 60 earlier in the pack. On such a small plane those kind of speeds are impressive-looking indeed! This little plane is just as cute as can be sitting on the ground, it looks like a neat little indoor flyer. In the sky it's something else though, the roll rate is insane, the flight speed is blistering and the loops are as big as you want. It never fails to draw questions at fly-ins!

It is equipped as follows:

Feigao 4100 kv 12mm brushless

GWS 3x3 prop

3x620 Vampower pack

GWS Pico servos (x2)

Spektrum receiver

Wingspan is 14" (top wing); weight without battery pack is 3.5 ounces, 4.9 ounces with battery pack

Covering is SoLite (white, silver, black)

Run times are around 7 minutes of spirited flying.

I covered it to match my DARE Fokker and they certainly look great together!!