Mini IFO

We recently went on vacation in the Ozarks as we do every year. This year I took along my Mini IFO for the ride. It's a great plane for traveling as the tail removes and the landing gear folds such that it packs completely flat. Flying against the backdrop of the Ozark mountains was wonderful! We rent a cabin each year and there is a great cove behind it that is protected from the wind. I got some flying in each day before or after or daily hiking and cave visting excursions. My younger daughter Alex is modeling the Mini in the photo above.

Most people dismiss the Mini IFO as not looking "plane-like", but they are missing out on an enormously fun littler flyer! It's great for indoors and outdoors; it cuts, carves, flips & flops in less space than anything else. It's one thing to fly in a small area, there are many planes that will do that. It's another to perform aerobatics in a small area, the Mini IFO owns that genre!

I lucked upon some old Gayla kite decals in an old hobby shop, that's where my Mini's eyeballs came from! I also wired it up with LEDs, there are orange LEDs on the front left & right, blinking red and green on the rear left & right, blue on the landing gear and yellow on each eyeball. Looks great at night.

Currently equipped as shown below (video was taken with a different setup described further down):

PJS 300 brushless "outrunner" motor

GWS 8x4.3 prop

2x700 E Tec li-polys

Hitec HS-55 servos (x2)

Berg Microstamp 4 receiver

Wingspan is 24"; weight without battery pack is 4.1ounces, 5.3ounces with battery pack

Covering is purple and yellow ripstop nylon

Run times are around 18 minutes of non-stop aerobatics.

I originally was running a "hybrid" motor on my Mini, that is what it is equipped with in this video. It's a GWS DX-D gearbox with an EDF motor. After the trip I converted it to the brushless motor listed above, it flies much faster and performs even tighter maneuvers.

Video is 2.8 meg and is located here:

Please right click on the above string and save the video to your computer. Please note that this is playable on most versions of Windows Media Player.

Below is a pic of the Mini with the new PJS 300 brushless motor.