Mini Speedwing

This little wing was a birthday gift from my loving wife Connie! Thanks honey! Since I have the Mini Twin already, I wanted to strap something a little more serious on this one. So, on goes a direct drive 010 brushless. I traded some emails with Andy, the designer of this wing as well as the Mini Twin (see his site HERE ), and he suggested a few modifications to compensate for the extra power. He provided me with 2 center ribs which I doubled up to create a more solid mount for the motor.I enlarged the opening to accomodate the bigger motor and drilled holes to attach it with zip ties like the stock motor. I had to notch the trailing edge of the foam a bit and cut the elevons back about 3/4" to clear the bigger prop (the "stock" prop is a 3x2, I'm running a 5.5x4 on the 010). I also added some extra strapping tape under the covering per Andy's suggestion.

It flies GREAT! I'm running 3x1200 E Tec li-polys and get consistent run times over 15 minutes. Power is very good, rolling vertical is possible, on high rates the roll rate is unreal, low altitude high speed passes are screamers, and the little wing will slow down for a hand catch! Really a great little setup.

Above is a pic of it with my Zagi, the obvious inspiration for the covering scheme.

Here's a story I posted on E Zone about the speed:

The field I was flying at borders a county road with a speed limit of 50 mph. I drive this road every day and people routinely drive 60 mph. Anyone that drives 50 usually has a tail of angry motorists behind them It suddenly dawned on me that I could "drag race" the cars on the county road to get an idea of the wing's speed. The wind was blowing across the road, so I was going neither with nor against it. I would fly the wing down the road until it was about as far as I cared to take it, then circle and wait for a car. As a car would come along the road I would pin the throttle and fly it parallel to the road (to one side over the field for safety) at a low altitude. Even though this prop isn't as fast as the 4.75x4.75, I was dusting every car that came along. I would give them a head start and by the time the car passed the point where I was standing the little wing would be well ahead of it. I would estimate the wing was doing a good 10 mph faster. Assuming they all decided to go the speed limit today, that would still be around 60 mph! On the last run I had been flying 13 minutes and had already made several passes, that pass was a dead heat. So, not as good as a radar gun perhaps, but that should give you an idea of what this little ripper does!

Equipped as follows:

Astroflight 14 turn 010 direct drive

APC 4.75 x 4.75 or 5.25 x 4.75 prop

3x1200 E Tec li-polys

Hitec HS-55 servos (x2)

Berg Microstamp 4 receiver

Wingspan is 24"; weight without battery pack is 5.0 ounces, 7.8ounces with battery pack

Covering is SoLite (white) and Zagi tape (red, blue, black on bottom)

Run times are over15 minutes of non-stop aerobatics.

Video is 3.5 meg and is located here:

Please right click on the above string and save the video to your computer. Please note that this is playable on most versions of Windows Media Player.