Mini Twin

This is another minature wing, this one has a 28" wingspan and is made of foam. This is a very fast and very precise flying little wing. It can really carve! Wind is nothing but a joke to this little flyer, it chews up wind and spits it out. For something that uses cheap little GWS can motors, the performance is most impressive. The kit is carried by:

With a pair of full length plywood ribs that double as skids (prop protectors) and motor mounts, as well as some excellent fiber tape placement, this little wing is solid as a rock after being built. It can take some severe punishment. I looped a little too low to the ground and smacked it in pretty hard. The result was the battery pack popped off the velcro! I picked up up, put the battery back on and was flying again.

There's also a single motored version available that is said to fly extremely well too.

Equipped as follows:

2 x GWS IPS 9.6v motors (direct drive)

GWS 3x2 props

2x1020 Kokams or 2 x 1200 E Tecs

Hitec HS-55 servos (x2)

GWS Pico 4 receiver

Wingspan is 28"; weight without battery pack is 6.35ounces, 7.95 ounces with battery pack

Covering is SoLite (black, dark blue, yellow and white)

Run times are 20 minutes of non-stop aerobatics.

In the below pic, the Speedwing is under it's big brother, a 48" Zagi. the Zagi is the only plane I own that I didn't build, it was built and covered by Mike's Hobby Shop in north Dallas. The Zagi has a 480 motor on it.