Misc R/C planes and stuff

Mini hotliners are becoming quite popular with the advent of the new super light 12mm brushless motors. Above is a Graupner Mosquito that I converted into one of these minis, and it flies great! I took the dihedral out of the wing and added ailerons. The tail has been set up as elevator-only. It is covered in SoLite and runs a 4000 KV Feigao turning a 3x3 GWS prop (no broken props with the pusher setup!!) Battery pack is a 480 TP pack. It pulls 5 amps at 44 watts, weight is a scant 3.4 oz. w/o pack and 4.6 oz. with. It is covered in SoLite. I haven't clocked it yet, but it is very quick.

This is a little foamie 3D plane, these are called "shock flyers". They can't tolerate much wind, but in low wind conditions they are a real blast to fly! This is THE plane I reach for to fly 3D in my backyard. Because it is lightweight and easy to repair I don't mind doing crazy stuff like knife edge within inches of the ground. Everyone should have one of these to keep their thumbs sharp!

This was an interesting beta test. The plane was tentatively named "Spawn" and to date has not gone into production. It's a tiny thing at about 16" wingspan and very fast. I flew a stock IPS motor on it initially and later switched to a Feigao 4000 kv motor direct drive with a 3x3 GWS prop and 3s 480 Thunder Power pack. It did fly a few times, but unfortunately after crashing it over and over in take-off  and landing attempts it finally reached the point of being beyond repair. I later discovered the ESC I had on it had insulation pulled away from the wiring on two of the leads which caused a ton of radio interference. This is probably the source of the trouble I had with this one.

What R/C fleet is complete without a heli? This is a Piccolo micro heli, the rotor is 24" across. I recently upgraded mine as shown in the above pic with a 14t 010, GY 240 gyro and direct drive tail motor. Previously I had done other mods to it (aluminum swash, anti-rotation link, head stiffener, etc.)

Above is a pic of it with the canopy on (before the separates were added).

This is a "Mini Geebee". It's a tiny thing, about 15" across and 21" long. It uses elevon controls. I'm running a PJS 300 on it (brushless outrunner motor). It flies quite nicely, this particular plane has a very interesting and unique move where it can be pointed vertically and it will spin on axis. Really cool!

Here's my older daughter modeling my first micro magnetic actuator plane. This was bought at the SWAC event last year from Bob Selman, it is an ARF and comes just like you see it with everything preinstalled except the JMP receiver and battery. It tips the scales at around 1 oz. and has a 16" w.s. Flies well, will loop from level flight. I have since picked up the parts to convert it to 2 cell which should greatly increase the performance.

This tiny bipe is called the Windbuster. A guy in Fort Worth hand shapes the wings from sheet balsa. I covered mine mainly for orientation purposes (yellow on top, dark blue on bottom), most of them are left uncovered. It has a 16" wingspan and aileron/elev control. It's quite fast on a direct drive 010, flies great in wind (I've flown it in 20 mph winds!) but aerobatics are a mixed bag.

And this 27" w.s. plane is the CVS Switchblade. It is built for speed and it delivers! VERY fast plane. There have been reports of them exceeding 120 mph on big brushless setups. Mine is tuned down from that, it's running an Aveox on 3s2p 340 cells. It's a scant 12.1 oz. on this setup and easily hand-launches. It gobbles up huge amounts of field in a hurry, and it's guaranteed to get the heart pounding in flight!