Nano Electric Ducted Fans

Lately I've been playing around with tiny electric ducted fans. The new 12mm Feigao brushless motors have made it possible to get a lot of thrust out of a tiny fan setup. As a result, there's been a flurry of tiny jets being designed and built on E Zone. I believe this can all be traced back to the Super Mite designed by Dave at . This little delta was my first Feigao powered EDF and is shown below. It's a great flying little delta, quite zippy! I have a speedgun and my daughter clocked the Mite at 52 mph in level flight.

Feigao 6000 Kv brushless in GWS EDF40

16" wingspan, 12" long

All up weight with 3s 730 TP pack- 4.8 oz.

I've tested the Feigao/ EDF 40 setups with the old 6k motor at 5.0 oz. thrust/ 5.6a/ 62 watts. The new 5300 Kv motor is slightly more powerful at 5.4 oz. thrust/ 5.8a/ 63 watts.

The next Nano I built was based on plans posted on It's called the Bandit and is built of 3mm Depron:

It was also a 16" wingspan and about the same weight as the Mite. The tailerons setup was fussy, so I ended up converting it to ailerons/elevator. It flew nicely on that setup. The biggest problem with this nano is the nose is very fragile. I broke the nose off several times and finally moved the gear to another project.

Next up was another design posted on RC Groups, the Mirage.:

This one has a 15" wingspan, but is a long jet at nearly 24". It weighs 5 oz. with battery pack. It's a delta and control is via elevons. It flies quite nicely! Fairly large loops, tight axial rolls, fair inverted performance and even outside loops from inverted. Slows down well. I'm still working on dialing it in as it has some unusual control characteristics, might be due to too much expo.

Finally, I had to work up my own design because what I always thought would be cool is a tiny Stealth Fighter. The result is "Stealth-E", as far as I know it's the first balsa design using the Feigao/EDF-40 setup.

This is only my second plane design (the first being "Double Trouble") and I had a lot of issues getting it in the air. I had way too much throw, too much expo, CG problems and thrust-line problems. Once I got all that sorted, it turned out to be a fantastic flyer! It is my favorite micro EDF, it really flies like it is on rails. Performance is very impressive. It performs typical EDF aerobatics exceptionally well- big inside loops, nicely axial fast and slow rolls, solid inverted, nice outside loops from inverted. It will slow down nicely, but drop the speed too much and it stalls and literally quits flying, it just drops out of the sky. It's not really an issue, it's meant to be fast and should be flown with some speed.

Wingspan is 18", length is 13", weight is a scant 2.9 oz. without pack and 4.6 oz. with 3s 730.

My daughters clocked it at 60 mph in level flight on a calm day! Impressive for something so tiny and light!

Here's video of the Stealth-E. It's so small and quick that it's hard to catch on tape, but my wife did a pretty good job and this will give you an idea of how it flies:

Stealth-E Video

A PDF of the plan is available for free, email me for a copy.