This is a neat little plane that is designed to be a 3D trainer. I t can be purchased at As you can see in the pics, it has large control surfaces which are mandatory for full 3D flying. Controls are "full house"- rudder, elevator, ailerons.

The term "3D flying" gets tossed around a lot and means different things to different people, but I think generally it means that a plane is capable of aerobatics above and beyond the standard loop and roll combination moves. 3D includes moves like the "parachute" or "elevator" (where the plane is made to drop straight down out of the sky), the "waterfall" or "tumble" (very fast end-over-end tumble downwards), flat spins (plane spins downward in a relatively flat attitude, IE the fuse and wings are parallel to the ground) as well as hovering (hold the nose of the plane in high alpha and juggle the controls so that the plane remains in one place) and knife edge (plane is flying horizontally, but the wing is perpendicular to the ground). The Nemesis does all these things really well! Plus it's small and light and can easily be flown in a fair sized yard. Mine is powered by a brushless motor, so that definitely helps with the aerobatics.

I covered mine with SoLite which is pretty much all I use these days. The pilot is cut from card stock and has an expression that is appropriate for my piloting skills (or lack thereof)- haha! The Razor 400 brushless is mounted in a GWS 300 series gearbox which is mounted sideways. This allows the prop to be exactly on the centerline of the fuse even though the motor mount is offset slightly.

It is equipped as follows:

Razor 400 geared 5.33:1

Phoenix 10 ESC

GWS 9x4.7 prop

3x600 HO Kokams

GWS Pico servos (x3)

Berg 4 Microstamp receiver

Wingspan is 27"; weight without battery pack is 4.8ounces, 6.6 ounces with battery pack

Covering is SoLite (translucent yellow, white, dark blue, translucent blue, black)

Run times are 15 minutes of non-stop aerobatics.

Video is 6.8 meg and is located here:

Please right click on the above string and save the video to your computer. Please note that this is playable on most versions of Windows Media Player.