Storage systems

It finally happened, I ran out of space to store all my planes! Most of my planes aren't very big, but hanging them on the walls they still took up a lot of room. I finally decided I needed to build some support racks. I have a high ceiling in my hobby room, so was able to build a rack over the door into the room (picture above). There is a duplicate rack over a door into the closet in the room as well.

The above picture shows the empty rack. It consists of metal shelf standards and brackets from Home Depot (or Lowe's). I placed 3/4" I.D. pipe insulation over the brackets to prevent damage to the covering on the planes.

Above is a rack I made for holding planes at the flying field. I attended a fly-in where kids were running around with no supervision and nearly stepped on my planes as they ran -between- them even though I had them laid out on a blanket. They later stepped on another person's plane. Anyway, I rigged up this PVC rack so I could get my planes off the ground at the field. It turns out this works great for transporting planes in my car too!