Switchback 3-D

I've got a lot of great planes, most of them are quite small and can be flown out of my large backyard. This is one of the bigger planes I own, at a 32" wingspan. The kit is carried by:


The owner of Mountain Models (Doug) is well known for his outstanding customer service. He's been known to send people free replacement parts after hearing about them crashing their planes! His kits are all laser cut and assemble quickly.

I originally flew my Switchback on a GWS 300 series motor with a 9x6 prop. Performance was quite good. I flew it on 8x720 NiMH and even 2s2p 1020 Kokam li-polys (20 minute flight times). I later switched it to a brushless Hacker and it's VERY impressive. It flies quite fast and will go vertical until it's specked out.

The 3-D version of the Switchback has a symmetrical airfoil, there's also a "Sport" version that has a semi-symmetrical airfoil and a bit of dihedral. It's reported to fly really well and is a better choice than the 3-D for people learning ailerons. I find the 3-D version incredibly stable itself!

This plane is also equipped with retracts sold by Doug. They work really well and are quite durable.

Equipped as follows:

Hacker B20-15L w/ 4:1 Maxon gearbox

APC 10x7 prop

8x1100HE NiMH

Hitec HS-55 servos (x4)

FMA Extreme 5 receiver

Wingspan is 32"; weight without battery pack is 11.5ounces, 17.5ounces with battery pack

Covering is SoLite (translucent blue and white)

Run times are 10 minutes of non-stop aerobatics.