This is an older design by Todd Long of He has since replaced it with another design called the Tiny X which I also have, I'll be adding that one to the site some time as well. The Little Tiny was designed for indoor use, but equipped properly makes an excellent little backyard flyer.Aerobatics are fantastic! Don't believe me? Well check out the video linked below! : ^ )

This Tiny is equipped with 4 channel control (rudder/elevator/aileron/throttle). It's powered by an Astroflight 010 in a GWS 5.33:1 gearbox and turns either a GWS 10x8 prop (in video) or a GWS 9x7 prop for a little better speed and run time at the expense of some thrust. I run 3x450 or 3x600 HO Kokam li-polys from

I have over 50 flights on this plane, I recently recovered it in SoLite and added the drip pattern you see in the pics. The covering job was the most challenging I've done so far, but I'm happy with how it turned out!

I also added blue LEDs at each wingtip and a white LED at the top of the tail. This helps with orientation when flying in the late evening as I often do.

Equipped as follows:

Astroflight 010 geared 5.33:1

GWS 10x8 prop

3x600 HO Kokams

Hitec HS-55 servos (x3)

Berg Microstamp 4 receiver

Wingspan is 24"; weight without battery pack is 5.9 ounces, 7.7 ounces with battery pack

Covering is SoLite (translucent blue, white, dark blue, yellow)

Run times are around 15 minutes of non-stop aerobatics. It is capable of much longer flights, I entered it (just for fun) in the all-up-last-down event at DEAF last year. Equipped with an M100 motor and 2x1020 Kokams, I came in 4th place with a flight of just over 40 minutes!! I even beat out several electric sailplanes!

Below are a couple more pics. Video is 7.3 meg and is located here:

Here's another video, after over 100 flights I was playing around and increased the rudder and elevator throw. Now the Tiny will do flat spins! Very cool! This video is only 650K and just shows a flat spin:

Please right click on the above string and save the video to your computer. Please note that this is playable on most versions of Windows Media Player, but at least one person has reported problems viewing it.

On the above picture it appears the stripes are not straight, but that's due to the camera lens. They're straight, I promise! : ^ )