This is a great little wing! It's only 24", but it can really handle the wind well. Flying wings seem to have inherent stability in winds. The kit for this model is cheap, builds quickly and is a perfectly interlocking laser cut kit. The whole thing is assembled without glue, and then glued together after everything is assembled. The kit is carried by:

I was one of the first ones to build this kit, and Todd ended up using the above picture on his site. It flew great on the "stock" setup, but I changed it to a "hybrid" motor and it's ballistic! The "hybrid" consists of a GWS EDF (electric ducted fan) replacement motor installed in a GWS DX-A gearbox. It turns a 7x6 prop. The Wing-E flies quite fast, but slows down really well for landings. It's a great little backyard flyer.

Equipped as follows:

Hybrid- EDF motor in DX-A gearbox

GWS 7x6 prop

2x1020 Kokams

Hitec HS-55 servos (x2)

GWS Pico 4 receiver

Wingspan is 24"; weight without battery pack is 5.2 ounces, 6.8 ounces with battery pack

Covering is Oracover (translucent red) and SoLite (yellow and white)

Run times are 15 minutes of non-stop aerobatics.