This plane was designed by a talented aircraft designer and my friend Roy Walton. He asked me to do a review for it on E Zone which I was happy to do. I would post a link to the review, but E Zone has been down all weekend.

This was actually a beta kit, but it went together quite smoothly. It's a laser cut kit, but some "old school" building techniques are also required. Wyngz is a very smooth flyer and will slow to an absolute crawl. It can fly even slower than my Slow Stick! It has a thick symmetrical airfoil and can perform nice aerobatics including the standard loop & roll combos plus  neat upright and inverted flat spins. I haven't flown it indoors, but that would not be a problem for this plane. Covering is all SoLite. Numbers were hand-cut, the Wyngz logo was provided by Roy.

It is currently equipped as follows:

Razor 400 in GWS "C" gearbox

GWS 11x4.7 prop

3x1200 Kokams

GWS Pico servos (x4)

FMA Extreme 5 receiver

Wingspan is 35"; weight without battery pack is 10.7 ounces, 13.4 ounces with battery pack

Covering is SoLite (silver, white, dark blue)

Run times are around 20 minutes.