As you can probably tell from my site, I have MANY hobbies! Here's another one, R/C planes. I started flying R/C planes in around 1988 or so. I concentrated mainly on sailplanes and electrics, I never really got involved in glow powered planes. Back then the radio gear and batteries wer big and heavy , which of course resulted in a heavy plane. I had several spectacular crashes and for many years just flew on and off building a new plane whenever I killed an old one. Around 2001, I "re-discovered" electrics after killing off another of my old, heavy planes. I was searching for a suitable replacement and was shocked at the developments that had taken place in electric flight in a short time. The gear is much smaller, much lighter and less expensive making it easy to build lightweight, great-flying electric planes. Battery technology for cel phones and laptops has brought us the wonders of lithium polymer batteries which are small and yield incredible run times. I now have built up a larger collection of planes than I've had previously, and nearly all of them can comfortably fly in the backyard of my 1 acre home lot. In fact, about 95% of my flying these days is right in my own backyard! It doesn't get much better than that!

So, I present to you a few of my planes. At any given time, I have 10 planes that are ready-to-fly, another 1 or 2 projects going and several of my old planes that I never fly anymore. I'll try to add more of my collection to this site in the future.

I also now have the ability to post video, so I will try to post video of the featured planes. Look for the video links on the individual plane pages.

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