Stink Ray!

This model is cast in a great purple with silver metalflake color. An interesting trivia tidbit: the early models had a playboy bunny between "GOOD" and "BOOT" cast on the kits tires similar to the artwork of this box. The later models did not! Copyright infringement? Who knows. This was one of the first releases, and it was the first I built as a kid. Aaaah, memories...

Update- I've gotten emails from collectors that have discovered some early DW kits actually have the bunny logos blacked out on the boxes with a marker! One can only surmise Revell caught some heat and had to get rid of the bunny even on models that had already been produced.

Above is a picture of the Stink Ray from the factory store display pictured elsewhere on my site. The display apparently sat in the sun a lot at some point in its life, the backdrop is faded and the color of this Stink Ray is somewhat yellowed. The paint detailing on this model is "factory" original, this is exactly as it was built and painted for the display. I cleaned it up and put a new scoop on to replace the missing one, but otherwise it is as Revell made it.

Below is the old picture I had up on my site back when I started it 10+ years ago. I hate to let these old artifacts go :-)