Swine Hunt!

ACHTUNG, BABY! This is a cool model. I bought this one as a built-up that had been built with no paint and little glue. I was able to disassemble it, detail it and put it back together. I added the camo paint to make it look like the original Dave Deal box art and it wouldn't have been complete without some german markings.

These pics show the wonderful amount of detail on the engine and the pay phone on the back of the tank. I was watching a WWII film on PBS and they actually DID put phones on the back of tanks so the infantry could talk to the tank crew and tell them where targets were. Apparently before the phones were installed the infantry had one heck of a time trying to communicate with the tank crew. Deal has a great sense of humor although in some cases it is so deep it's hard to understand. This is one of those cases, I didn't fully understand the joke about the payphone until seeing that PBS show!