Trans-Um Tirebird!

"Cool out pops- I'll bring it back!" I'm sure he can't wait to get around the corner to do a nice smoky burnout! A caricature of the '69 (or '70? Hard to tell) Trans-am, this kit was molded in white with decals as shown on this box. The box cover has a note next to the standing dude that says "Old man not included!". This is one of the few kits that didn't have an exposed engine.

A Trans Am fan came across my site and emailed me that he believes the kit to be based on the '70 model. The '70 had a shaker scoop though, so the model seems to borrow design queues from both cars.

Below is a built-up I bought off of eBay in '00. I've always loved the pearl white metallic plastic the Tirebird is molded in, and the blue decals. This kit and the McLapper are the only 2 that had the "clear" parts molded in a translucent green which I think is too cool for words! Strangely enough, the Modeler's Club version of this kit issued a few years later did not get the green parts (they're clear) and silver-colored plastic parts in place of the chrome sprues. Perhaps it was a money-saving effort. The later Funster issue has smoke tinted parts.

UPDATE 06-2007: I decided to "freshen up" the ol' Tirebird. Luckily the chassis and interior came loose from the body, so I was able to add some detail painting to the driver. I also waxed the windshield with micro wax, clearcoated the body and added some paint detailing to the body, wheels and tires. These first 3 photos are after this recent work:

UPDATE 07-2007: Now that I have an Alps printer and have been playing around with custom decal work, I refreshed another old Tirebird built-up I had on the shelf. This one was another eBay purchase from about 10 years ago. It had a nice blue paint job on it, but the glass was cracked, the headlights, turn signals and grille were missing and the entire rearend had been molded. Plus it didn't have any stripes on it, the driver was poorly painted and it had some strange wheels & tires off of some other kit on it. Luckily it came apart pretty easily. I replaced the glass with some reissue Zzzzz-28 glass (it's the same part) tinted with Tamiya Smoke. The interior and driver were painted. New repro decals were run in white and silver, plus I made custom decals for the missing headlights, turn signals and taillights. The chute, tires, wheels, axles and chassis were all donated by the same reissue Zzzzz-28 that donated the glass. The grille was custom printed in black and chrome foil directly onto styrene. I love the yin-yang look of the white one and blue one together, so took lots of pictures!