Like the Zzzzzzzz-28, this is a kit that was re-issued in '95 in a box like the original. In fact, the above picture is of the reissue. Surprisingly I've never bought the original Van kit, it's the only original I don't own. The reissue was cast in a hideous brown color (the original is a more palatable goldish-brown), so I painted it metalflake red. I airbrushed the surfboards- one is pearl yellow metalflake, the other pearl orange metalflake. You've gotta love that Mercedes emblem on the front!

New and improved picture added 05-2007!

Most Deal's Wheels models do not have opening panels, but this one has an operable rear lid so you can check out that awesome 3.5 horse powerplant! The kit even came with a magnifying glass to check out the micro engine with. No VW van would be complete without a happy face!

New and improved picture added 05-2007!

And just because Revell likes to torture us, they saw fit to leave the original side panel on the reissue as shown below, even though none of these have been reissued in eons. Man does this bring back memories, how many evenings did I sit staring at the side panel hoping to find these elusive models? I remember wanting the '57 cHEVY so bad it hurt, but despite staring at the side panel pictures long enough to ignite them, I never did find that one back then. Not to worry, it is in my collection now :-)

After having had these pictures on my site for 10 years, I don't have the heart to toss them. I posted new pictures of the ol' builtup above, but here for posterity's sake are the old "classic" web cam photos :-)