Ah, the icon of the 60's, a fiberglass bodied dune buggy. This one is packing slightly more power than the juiced up bug motors could provide! Both box versions are pictured below.


UPDATE 06-05-10 My journey to build all the Zingers continues, the Dune Zinger is the fifth one I've completed this year. This one is painted HOK Organic Green over Orion Silver base coats. I added some pearl blue to the clearcoat, it adds a nice blue reflection effect to the paint. I went with a color scheme to match the box art on this one with the green body, red seats and blue engine block. The windshield frame was bulky, so I cut the inner parts of the frame down a bit and also added windshield glazing (not included in the kit). Like the others I've built, I stripped all the plating (except the wheels) and shot the parts in Alclad. There's a little shifter that I added to the interior and the floor was flocked in black.