There was a mid-engined custom Dodge pickup/van (whatever these things are called!) truck that was popular in the 70's called the Little Red Wagon. It was quite well known for it's dragstrip wheelies. This model appears to be loosely based on that actual vehicle.

UPDATE 05-22-10 This is the 4th Zinger I've built so far this year, and I really love how it turned out! I found some  good pictures of the Little Red Wagon drag truck on the Internet and used them to draw up decal artwork. All the decals including the tire letters, blower belt logo and chrome Dodge emblem on back were run on my Alps printer. The paint is 2 coats of HOK Orion Silver base with 3 coats of HOK Kandy Apple Red over it. At that point the paint was pretty rough and I considered stripping it, but I laid down 6 coats of clear over it and was able to polish it out with a polishing kit. I mixed rainbow flake into the first coat of clear, it creates some neat little blue flecks that don't show up in the photos. The decals were applied after polishing, followed by 2 more coats of clear. The motor is Tamiya Chrome Yellow, the blower and exhaust are Alclad Stainless Steel, the pulleys and valve covers are Alclad Chrome. The chute cords are pieces of kevlar thread woven together. There's a chute release cable and a teeny hand-formed cotter safety pin with a "remove before flight" tag attached to it. An ink wash was applied over the stock chrome on the grille and wheels. The exhaust tips were drilled out. I built a little prop so that it can be displayed pulling a wheelie. I took pictures from several angles and they all turned out so well I just went ahead and posted all of them :-)