Man, I LOVE this one! This is the one I remembered vividly from my childhood a few years back when I started getting interested in models again. Couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called, or even remember the Zinger line at all. I could remember this neat little Semi though,  picturing it in my head with it's big tires and tiny cab, huge engine exhausts and removable trailer! It would be many months of searching before I finally started tracking some Zingers down again. This was before eBay and finding vintage models took a lot of hours of dialing numbers!

Update 04-28-10:

At long last I've built a Zinger, this is actually the first Zinger I've built since I was a kid, it's the Round 2 reissue. When I was a kid, whenever I went to visit my grandmother on my mom's side she would take me to pick a model out and I would work on it on and off during the weekend visit. There were a few models I built there that really stick out in my mind all these years later (for reasons I can't explain) and the Super Semi is one of them. 

Paint is Tamiya Chrome Yellow over Tamiya white primer. Engine block is Boyd's True Blue. The chrome was stripped from all the motor parts. Blower was shot in Alclad Stainless Steel, exhaust is Testor's Burnt Metal, scoop, valve covers and pulleys are Alclad Chrome. The wheels and grille are the stock plated parts with an ink wash applied. The distributor is a pre-wired version I bought in a batch off of eBay, 9 of them for 20 bucks (seller is Prestons1 if anyone is interested in them). The decals were run on my Alps and include the Mooneyes, the white letters on the tires, the chrome "GMC" logo (used chrome foil in the printer), the chrome bezel with white headlights and the blower belt graphic. A couple of coats of Future were applied after the decals were placed. The DP can helps show just how tiny Zingers are!