This is a good example to point out the old vs. new box style. Above is the original issue from the early 70's with hand drawn box art. Below is the mid to late 70's issue, these had a pic of the finished kit. I favor the hand drawn art myself.

I like this particular kit, it's cool! It comes with the big chute which has a little stand so it can be displayed deployed behind the rail as seen on the box.

Update 05-01-10: Hot on the heels of building the Super Semi Zinger I cranked this one out. Paint is House of Kolors "Black Diamond" over Tamiya Gloss Black with a couple of coats of Future. I tried getting a pic that shows the metalflake, but it's hard to photograph. The 2nd pic shows it a little. Most of the factory chrome was stripped. The blower is Alclad "Stainless Steel", the valve covers, exhaust & pulleys are Alclad "Chrome" (the Alclad is applied over Tamiya Gloss Black). Wheels have the factory chrome with an ink wash applied. Custom decals from the Alps printer were used for the tire letters and the blower belt logos. I've never much cared for the included chute (looks better on the box art), so I didn't bother with it on this build.