This is about the worst box I have, the others are pretty clean. This seems to be the most popular Zinger, probably because of the crossover appeal to VW nuts.

UPDATE 06-25-10 Here it is, Zinger build #6 in my quest to build all 8. I can almost smell the finish line! As you can see, I decided to do this one up in Herbie livery, I thought it would be a fun study in irony since the original Herbie is your basic no-frills ride and the Zinger version is... well you know :-) The paint is Tamiya Racing White. Clearcoat with some gold pearl was shot over that, then the decals (custom decals run on my Alps) were applied, then a few more clearcoats. The blower and exhaust were done in flat black to go with the no-frills theme. The valve covers had "Gurney Eagle" molded into them, that didn't seem to fit with the theme so I sanded the letters off and ran some chrome foil decals with a more appropriate title :-) The pulleys and undercarriage parts were shot in Alclad Stainless Steel. I spent an alarming amount of time doing (and redoing) the wheels and finally settled on stripping them and painting them body color. The inner area of the rear wheels was foiled, quite a challenge on parts this small and in those hard-to-reach areas. I couldn't get foil to take on the fronts, so masked the hubs and shot the inners with Alclad, then applied a black wash to the recesses.