Ashley's Zoids!

I am happy to report that I am doing my part to ensure the next generation of kids out there are drawn into the Zoids fold! My 6 year old daughter (Ashley) is as enthusiastic about Zoids as me and has built a few. She gets pretty far on her own, but I assist on some of the more complicated assemblies (like Shield Liger's legs). Above is a pic of the Great Zoid Race of '01. Ashley won all 3 heats with her spanky new Blade Liger narrowly beating out Liger Zero.

Above are her Molga and Guysack models. Guysack falls apart constantly, the legs, claws and head fall off with even the lightest play. Molga stands up pretty well though.

Shield Liger

We just finished this one today. Ashley's been playing with it for over an hour and it seems to be holding up quite well! Above is a pic with the shields closed and the weapons stowed. Below is a pic with the shields extended (above and below the head), the back mounted weapon is deployed as are the missile launchers on each side. When under power, the legs articulate at the shoulder, elbow and ankle. The mouth opens and closes with the entire head moving up and down a bit as well.



Length- 6 1/2"

Height- 1 3/4"

Power- small windup

Crew- one


Length- 6"

Height- 4"

Power- small windup

Crew- two (one in cockpit, one on optional tail mounted gun)

Shield Liger

Length- 12"

Height- 5 1/2"

Power- 1 x AA battery

Crew- one