Tomy released a new type of Zoid recently. These "Attack Zoids" as they've been nicknamed by the ZoidFans group are  unpowered small Zoids that have movable and posable parts and panels and some translucent parts. Most people either love them or hate them, I happen to love them! They look great on display with their bigger brothers, they help to show just how large some of the other Zoids are. There are currently 4 versions with 2 more due to be released by mid-'02.


The obvious influence here is the praying mantis. The legs and wings are posable, but it takes a delicate positioning of the legs to get it to stand up! I ended up cutting slots in the torso so the legs could be swung farther forward to make it easier to stand it up.

As with all the Attack Zoids, the plastic colors were very odd. I ended up painting the beige parts in Testor's Magnesium, but left the dark grey colors as molded. The antennae were molded in rubber and were short and fat. They looked terrible. I ended up making my own with stretched sprue (warm sprue over a heat source and stretch it into a hair-like thread). They can't fully be seen in the photo, but they are about 3" long.

There are 3 figures included with Demantis, one sits in a cockpit with only his upper torso covered (you can see his lower body in the pic above). Another sits in the gunner position while a 3rd stands on a platform scanning through his binoculars for bad guys.

Length- 4"

Height- 2 1/2"

Crew- three

Stay tuned...more attack Zoids to follow!