Berzerk Fuhrer!

This is a brand new Zoid design that was issued mid-'01. It has a unique feature never before seen on a Zoid, a switch that allows selection of 2 different battery powered modes. If switched to 1, BF will walk along with arms raising and lowering and tail swinging back and forth. If switched to 2, he stands in one place while the plates on his neck and tail open and close, his head sort of lunges forward and his mouth opens and closes. It's impressive that all of this was packed into a relatively small package.

Another welcome addition to the kit is a wonderful set of decals made specifically for this unit. Many of the decals even have his name on them. Some of the decals are quite large too, and look great on him. Particularly fun is the bee decal that is applied to the left leg.

A friend of mine (hi Mark!) sent me a Gundam pen recently, so I tried it out on BF. It was quite easy to use although I did wipe down some of the line work to blur the lines a bit and give it a more weathered appearance. It would have taken too long to outline all the crevices on the back mounted weapon blades, so I used an ink wash on those instead.

Length- 12"

Height- 6 1/2"

Power- 2 x AAA

Crew- one