Bootleg Zoids 2!

Wow are these eye scorchers! I bought these expecting them to be REAL Zoids 2 and when I got them I was surprised to open the boxes and find they were molded in these bizarre colors. I posted a message on the Zoider eGroup and after comparing notes with some of the guys found out these are not even made by Tomy. They were made by a company called "Weida Toys" in China. A side by side comparison with real Zoids tells me they are too similar to be anything other than a reverse engineering exercise. That is to say, someone took a real Zoid, disassembled it and created a bootleg mold directly from the original Tomy parts. The parts of the bootlegs have a slightly "fuzzy" appearance and don't go together as well as Zoids. The motors are also of a much lower quality. Still, they're just wacky enough to be interesting!

YIKES! More hideous bootlegs!

Guaranteed to make even the most hardcore Zoid collector cringe!! These are sold in a blister card, already assembled. The cards say "Mega Robo" on them. These are clearly non-Tomy bootlegs, and lousy ones at that. The motors actually run pretty well, but the parts fit and detail molding is awful. I'd say something about the color choice, but you can see for yourself- haha!