Zi craft union hosts an informal contest called "Custom Club" (click here to see it). They recently opened it up to international entries, so I created the above pic for the event! It is a heavily modified (obviously) Cannon Tortoise using parts mostly from the Tom Daniel Groovy Grader kit by Monogram. I love cartoony cars and I love Zoids, I've been wanting to combine the 2 into a bizarre creation for some time, and I finally got it out of my system- haha! It was much more work than it might outwardly appear; a lot of cutting, trimming, and fabricating of new parts and pieces was required to make the engine fit right and make the stance the way I wanted it (jacked up in back, scraping the ground in front). The above pic was photoshopped using an old black & white drag racing photo I found on the 'net.

I actually started the project as a tow vehicle for my PokeZoids. It changed substantially from it's beginnings, it wasn't originally going to be a hot rod like this. But, I started working on it, playing around with some different parts, and it just kind of "became" what you see here! I have parts to build a 2nd trailer, the towing setup is scaled to be a small Gustav type rig. I have 2 PokeZoids, so the 2nd on will reside on the 2nd trailer as soon as I get it built.

The trailer is completely scratchbuilt from plastic sheet, 1/4 round and angle with tread assemblies from a 1/72 scale tank kit. The trailer is painted in metalizers.