I'm updating this older page as the Cannonfort was just re-released this year (2005) and it looked like a perfect candidate for the metalizer treatment. Up to this point the Cannonfort has been quite rare and extremely hard to get, and no one would dare customize one. But with the re-release, it's no longer sacred territory for darthing!

This is the first time in a few years that I've taken paint to a Zoid. Surprisingly most of my paints were still liquid and my airbrush still works fine. Cannonfort is painted using Gunze Dark Iron for the body, head, legs & turret. The leg armor, horns & tail are Gunze bronze. The cannons, guns, hooves and leg braces are Testors magnesium. Details were added with a tiny brush using various water and oil based paints.

Below is the old version of this page, and yes, I still own this old classic version of CF too!


Thanks to my good friend Mark Mizuse (who hails from the Philippines) for sending this fantastic original Japanese release Cannonfort my way!! I never expected to get one as they are quite hard to find. It is really a great Zoid, it uses the large windup motor and as it walks, the turret on the back pivots back and forth and the turret guns go up and down. There's a small hatch on the turret that can hold a mindrider and also a cockpit mounted in the head that holds one as well. Really a neat Zoid!

Length- 8"

Height- 4"

Power- large coilspring

Crew- two