Many thanks to my buddy Mark for getting some more great Zoids into my hands! This is an original release Deathsaurer, very similar to the new release except the red parts are a much lighter color. This Zoid had a few problems, it had a heavy black residue on it and some of the pins were broken. The major problem was the tail pin, it supports the entire tail and was sheared off. I drilled a hole down through the support and installed a metal rod to reinforce the pin. The pin had a reveal in one side, so the metal rod fit perfectly into the reveal. The repair is stronger than new! I disassembled DS (including the motor) and cleaned everything, then assembled and waxed it. I drilled the broken pins and installed sprue in a matching color to replace them. The decals were fairly nicely applied, so I left most of them on there.

Deathsaurer has some cool features including a flip down hatch that exposes the above gunner station mounted in the chest/stomach area (this is also the battery cover).

Another neat detail - the entire head cover is hinged and flips forward to expose the pilot. The eyes and mouth are lit while DS is walking.

This back mounted fan spins while DS stomps along. Also at the lower left corner of the pic is a hatch that opens up to reveal a missile launching pad, basically some missile tips molded in a hunk of plastic.

DS it powered by 2 x C cells (the light is wired to the can motor and is powered off the same cells). He is a really powerful walker. Unlike Gojulas, he is very sure footed and never stumbles or falters, he steams across the floor waving his arms up and down while the light in his head flashes, his tail swings and the fan on his back spins. Awesome!

Length- 21"

Height- 12"

Power- 2 x C

Crew- two