This is one of those sorry ebay stories that at least has a happy ending. I bought this off of eBay, it was advertised as complete and in excellent condition and was accompanied by a lousy pic. I used the "Buy it Now" feature and after waiting several weeks and prodding the seller a few times it was on my doorstep. It was missing several guns and 2 of the red armor pieces on the tail. I made a plea on the ZoidFans egroup and 2 people came to the rescue! Garek in Scotland supplied me with the missing guns and George in Singapore came through with the missing armor and a missing clip. A hearty "thank you" goes out to these 2 wonderful gentlemen who refused any payment in return!

Dimetron is one slick Zoid. It's not particularly big, but it's got a lot of action packed in for it's size. The back fins are attached to a remarkable camshaft mechanism that makes the fins wave side to side, it's kind of like like rippling water. It walks of course, and the back legs drive the tail back and forth. The mouth opens and closes too. It has a very aggressive walk, stomping along like it means business! The red body work waxed up quite nicely, it's a really sharp looking color scheme.

Length- 12"

Height- 7"

Power- 1x AA

Crew- one