This is yet another brand new design by Tomy. Elephander reminds one of the original Mammoth Zoid, but the 2 are quite different. Elephander is a totally new design from the ground up and a bit smaller than Mammoth. It walks quite fast and the trunk curls up and down as it's walking. There are 2 head  & tusk options and 3 ear & trunk weapon options yielding many different possible combinations for slightly different looks. I went with the scout head, it looked the most appropriate for the aggressive look I wanted with this project.

The heart of this project is the gatling gun. This started out as CP-15, but if you've seen that CP you'll know I did a lot of work to it. CP-15 has a huge missile box with the gat attached to the front of the box, it looked terrible when I mounted it up to Ele. So, I chopped up the base and rearranged the support pieces to mount the gat directly to Ele without the missile box. I also cut out the front section of the base and built the gunner station out of sheet and rod plastic, then treated the whole assembly to some metalizer painting. The gunner is a very cool solid brass mindrider molded by Card, a friend of mine from ZoidFans.

After I finished the gat, the rest of Ele needed something; so I painted the weapons, tusks and some details with metalizers to make the gat look more integrated with the whole package. I also drilled out all the gun barrels and added a spare gun out of the parts bin to the tail. Now Elephander looks like the bad-ass fighting machine he deserves to be!

Length: 13"

Height: 8"

Power: 1 x AA

Crew: 2