Gul Tiger!

This is the original 1989 issue of the Gul Tiger. The movement is fantastic, the 4 legs move just like a real walking Tiger and the mouth opens and closes as it walks. This was a line of Zoids called "Grade up Zoids" which had small ports on the top of the back for accessories. I scratchbuilt a small sensor array and attached it to the port, it spins in cirles as the Tiger walks. I also wired up a small light in the overhead cannon, which I suppose makes it a searchlight now! I also airbrushed the weapons with 2 colors of buffable metalizers (yellow and orange guns didn't look right). There is a hatch on top of the head that opens to show a "mind-rider", a minature driver.

Length- 9"

Height- 4"

Power- 1 x AA

Crew- one