Gun Sniper!

This particular  Tomy design is new, it is not a re-issue. Unfortunately, there are numerous flaws with this design. The detail is fuzzy, the moldings are crap and the motor is wimpy for this creature. There is no interior detail whatsoever and the legs, arms and guns are molded two-dimensionally with hollowed out areas on the other side. These hollowed out areas are quite visible on the finished product. I hope this isn't an indication of things to come on the new designs. The older Zoid designs and re-issues are remarkable in their incredible molded details and flawless sprue castings with no flashings and few imperfections. ** Post note added 9-06-00- I just completed Storm Sworder, another new Zoid design, and it is spectacular! None of the problems mentioned above are present, it is an excellent addition to the series and a great indicator of things to come from Tomy.**

I made the best of it anyway as it's an interesting looking design even with the faults. I painted it flat black with orange legs and arms and yellow details. I didn't like the back mounted missile bank, so I chunked it and scratch built a missile launching pad to take it's place. The guns are painted with metalizers although this plastic is softer than that Tomy usually uses and didn't like the metalizers. The regular oil and water based paints seemed to hold just fine though. Weathering was drybrushed on flat white paint and surprisingly makes the orange look pink! 

No matter how much I tried to clean up the joining parts, I could not get the mechanism to work,-this guy won't walk. He walks if I hold him up in the air, but he won't propel himself across a surface.

I've painted up most of my pilots in brown and decided I needed an opposing army. I went for red with gloss white helmet and boots on this Mind Rider. Since he's an army of one and his steed won't move, I'm afraid he's due for a major ass-beating at the hands of the brown army right now. Death Saurer is waiting to be built though...

Length- 6"

Height- 4 1/2"

Power- small windup (too small!)

Crew- one