This is a mild custom that I bought off of ebay. Some work had already been done to it, but the body was still blue and it still had some gold-plated parts. It wasn't running either. I had to take it apart to mess wtih the engine, so I went ahead and painted the rest of it while it was apart. I like this look much more than the original blue/white/gold plate color scheme, much more menacing!

This Zoid is powered off a single AA battery, three of the sets of guns are mounted on spinning gears and rotate as it walks, the mouth also opens and closes. It suffers from a lack of power due to the single battery, it's barely enough to drive all the activity.

Above is a pic of Gunbluster with a newer Zoid, Demantis. Demantis is a stationary poseable Zoid, it does not have a motor. It's a throwback to the older Command Zoids that were made in the early 80's.

Length- 10.5"

Height- 4.25"

Power- 1 x AA

Crew- one