Wow, is this a bad boy or what? This dude is a joy to watch with a pivoting head, eyes lighting up accompanied by a roaring sound, back pack missiles spinning, all happening while he walks with a very ape-like knuckle-dragging movement! It's hard to describe the arm and leg movement, you have to see it to believe it. This is a weighty Zoid and fairly thunders across the floor! The above picture was taken with the cockpit (eyes) and forehead lights on. I am not even kidding about the following story, the first time I fired it up after I put the batteries in, it scared the crap out of my 3-year-old and she ran to my wife, jumped on her lap and just about broke my wife's jaw with her rock-hard head. It's stuff like this that really puts my modeling festivities on thin ice!

The first thing that struck me when I opened the box was that the color it was molded in was much darker than the box photo. The box showed this wonderful metal patina, but the actual molded color (of the grey parts) was totally different, much darker with no patina at all. I airbrushed all the dark grey parts using a buffable metalizer which was then buffed and clearcoated. I'm very happy with it, it looks identical to the box color. There's also some detail painting on the missiles, and some of the molded details on the body. In addition to all the other fun stuff this guy does, the missile launcher on his right shoulder is spring loaded and actually shoots out 5 missiles rapid fire!

Sorry about the blurry pic, I'll try and shoot a better one. If you flip up Kong's head, you find this very well detailed cockpit with 2 mind-riders. I painted some of the controls and the seats to give the cockpit some interest and also detailed the mind-riders which came molded in solid blue.

Length- 8"

Height- 9 3/4" (seems more like 24" when you see it!)

Power- 1 x C (chest, powers walking movement and roaring sound)

             2 x AA (backpack, powers lights)

Crew- two


Thanks to my buddy Dom in the UK for trading me for this beauty! This is an original Japanese release of Iron Kong MKII which is your basic Iron Kong but with a cool flight pack on his back (with a mindrider mounted in it) as well as the shoulder mounted spotlight and unique decals.


This beautifully colored version was released only in the UK. It's tough to photograph due to the dark body panels. It's black with grey sub-structure and silver weapons. The plugs are dark blue and the motor housing and windshield are red. Very nice! Unlike the other versions of Kong, the shoulder weapon is not operable although it has a sleeker appearance.