This seems to be one of Tomy's favorites as there are a zillion different Command Wolf issues out there. This particular version is modeled after the one piloted by Irvine in the anime series. It's one of the handful of Zoids that comes with an anime character pilot instead of the typical mindrider. It comes with Irvine in both standing and seated versions.

This is also one of the few Zoids that comes with some parts painted on the sprue from the factory. The exhaust, front and rear leg shields were all pre-painted quite nicely.

I did some light custom work including a wash in all the recesses, some metalizer airbrushing on the back mounted gunstation, matte overcoat of the weapon (it was molded in shiny black), cockpit detailing, pilot detailing, painting the teeth and drilling out the ends of the weapons and exhaust.

While the mouth, head, tail and gun can be pivoted manually, only the legs move under windup power. It does have an interesting feature though, when the neck is up CW runs quite fast. When the neck is pushed down, an extra gear is engaged which slows him down to a trot!

Length- 8 1/2"

Height- 5"

Power- large coilspring

Crew- two (one pilot, one in gunstation although in the anime there is no one shown in the gunstation)