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JUST ADDED 04-19-03-- MOVIE of King Goj! Now you can see what this bad boy is all about. Movie is 2.3 meg and in wmv format. Right click and save to hard drive:

There are big Zoids. There are really big Zoids. And then there is KING GOJULAS!! The King is big as a friggin' house and very impressive. The King was issued in the mid-80's near the end of the original Zoid releases and has never been reissued. The following is a story I posted on the Zoider eGroup just after I finished building King Goj:


King Gojulas comes in a big box. Really big. The first thing that struck me upon opening the box was the massive size of the power unit, the unit alone is larger than most built Zoids including some of the battery ops. Also evident is the surprisingly big speaker that allows the King to strike fear into the hearts of man and beast. Casting my eyes upon these massive components got my heart racing at the thought of the finished piece!


There are 7 large sprues and one small chrome sprue of parts, I knew this one would take me a while. Strangely, it only has one pilot to control this massive Zoid. The parts are all incredibly detailed and molded perfectly, they are also of thick plastic and are quite heavy. It also contains a rubber sprue with the obligatory caps and a nice (if small) decal sheet.


When I started assembling KG, I noticed there were several scratches on the parts where the sprues had rubbed together in transport around the globe. I started waxing the parts to get the scratches out, but ended up waxing every part because it looked so much better. This really slowed construction down though!

The torso parts are assembled around the power unit, then the head is attached to the rotating neck spindle. Each leg is built separately and attached to the torso. I stopped after building one of the legs and snapped a couple of pics of the leg with some windup Zoids to show just how BIG the King is! The leg dwarfs the likes of Guysack and Runna! After the legs, each arm is assembled then attached to the complex shoulder mechanism that allows rotation and pivoting. Then comes the really fun part, the tail! The tail is jointed in 5 places and is a joy to behold in action (more on that later). It is much longer than I expected at just over 12", the pictures I've seen of the King never really showed the whole tail. The different tail segments are linked with connectors that transfer motion from levers extending from the legs, such that the tail is moved back and forth by the leg action. After the tail is installed and hooked up, it's a simple matter of installing the back mounted fins/plates, the batteries and the battery covers to wrap it up. The whole process took me around 20 hours, mainly because of the waxing and a little bit of paint work.


There are big Zoids like Iron Kong, Battlesaurus and Gojulas. They look like wimpy, spindly shrimps next to the hulking bulk of King G. I can say he's big, I can give you dimensions, but you've just gotta see him to really understand. He is one big, nasty fire breathing hombre!!! You haven't lived until you've seen King G do his thing. My wife and girls were reading bed time stories when I finished him up. I placed him in the tiled entry way and got the whole family in there to see him run for the 1st time. I switched on the 1st switch which powers the blinking light in his head from the AA's mounted underneath. Now for the moment of truth....

One of the fins powers him up, I switched it on. Power is via 2 x C mounted under a cover in the stomach area. His massive feet start pounding the ground dragging his bulk forward. His arms swing heavily back and forth, flexing outward slightly like his massive arms are too big to ride close to his body. That amazing tail flips so far around that it forms a half circle such that the tip of the tail nearly points forward before swishing around the other way to point forward again from the other side. I'm about to wet my pants he's so cool looking!!! Then he stops. Uh oh, is something wrong? Suddenly, the 3 chrome chest guns start spinning madly and lights in his chest light up. His arms spread out and up, higher and higher, his head starts moving from side to side and in perfect time with the opening of his mouth he lets out a GROOOOOAAAARRRR......GROOOOOAAAARRRR!!! And it is LOUD!! Both of my girls, 4 and 6, scream and run for cover! One buries her face in mommy's legs, the other one climbs halfway up daddy's body to escape the menacing roar! He stops, his arms lower slightly, then they raise again, GROOOOOAAAARRRR......GROOOOOAAAARRRR!!! The girls scream again, but he obligingly lowers his arms, the guns stop spinning, and he starts his strut again. My girls calmed slightly before the cycle repeated, punctuated by their screams again!


Woah, after changing my underwear and calming the girls down, I put King Goj away. He is mighty impressive just sitting still, but my opinion of the brilliance of the Tomy engineers has just reached an all new, almost imaginary plateau. I would bend down and kiss the ground walked on by men that can put this much effort into the design of what many people would call a toy. I plan on testing the King out on friends, I'm convinced that people who don't give a rat's ass about Zoids or toys would still be mightily impressed by the King. We shall see.


Major Kong, my hero and good friend, made this wonderful experience possible. His unfailing generosity and kindness put this wonderful piece of Zoidness into my grubby paws. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Major!!!

King Goj, in addition to being BIG, is really detailed. Below is a pic of the tail showing the wonderful molded detail and the awesome articulation. You can also see that the fin/plate on the left of the pic also serves as the on/off switch.

Length- 22"

Height- 15"

Power- 2 x C (movements, chest lights)

             2 x AA (head/mouth light)

Crew- one lonely dude commanding a mountain of a beast

One more photo- this is the King's foot with a couple of other Zoids to show just how BIG he is!! His "buddies" are (from left to right) an original issue Guysack, a new release Pteras, and a Robo Strux Runna.