This is a new release and new design Zoid very similar to Liger Zero. In fact it's the same basic kit, but in different colors. X comes with 2 sets of armor, one is identical to the white Zero armor, but molded in a red color. The other armor set is what you see here. It's molded in multiple colors, but looks surprisingly good right out of the box.

Like Liger Zero, the individual toes are posable and most of the shields can be positioned. There are a pair of side mounted blades that can be swung out and over similar to Blade Liger (see pic below) or stowed on the back (above). There are also some nifty translucent blue armor shields over the upper part of the legs that can be pivoted up to expose the detail underneath.

Length- 12"

Height- 6"

Power- 2 x AAA

Crew- one