This is a new release and new design Zoid. There have been quite a few Ligers issued, but the big thing that seperates this one from the rest is the wide variety of CP upgrades for it. To begin with, the above picture shows Zero built out of the box with the white armor. This is a very detailed Zoid down to the individually articulated (and movable) toes. As far as weapons, there is a chest mounted gun bank that pivots up and down and a tail mounted gun. The guns and jet engines are molded in a dark grey metallic. There're a total of 4 molded colors- white, black, gold, dark grey.

Above is a picture of Zero with no armor on. All of the armor has to be removed in order to install one of the upgrade CP sets.

This is Zero with the Jager upgrade. Very cool, very anime in appearance. Most of the fins and shields are positionable as can be seen by comparing the photo above and below. My one gripe is the colors of the CP don't match Zero's black & white scheme too well. Still it's pretty damned cool looking.

Length- 12"

Height- 6"

Power- 2 x AAA

Crew- one