This is a new design that was just released by Tomy. Similar to Storm Sworder, the batteries are in the back mounted weapon rather than in the body itself. This allowed the designers to come up with a very slender body for this Cheetah type Zoid, but the weapon is a bit bulky in my opinion. One unusual feature of this Zoid is the 2 speed running gear. The tail can be raised or lowered, when it's lowered this guy runs fairly fast, when it's raised he runs so stinking fast his paws just slide around on the floor! It's almost comical. He's by far the fastest Zoid on feet although the wheeled Power Zoids are a bit faster. The neck can be manually raised or lowered as can the head and the jaw is movable. There are also a set of blades on the weapon and another near the tail that can be manually positioned. The claws can also be rotated into the foot, but it looks weird.

I did some black washes on this as well as waxing the black parts. The black is kind of a muddy color which I'm not fond of. The weapon barrels were an odd silver color, so I airbrushed them in a metalizer. There were a lot of parts that were factory painted on the sprue (mostly the red areas). Unlike Command Wolf, the masking was lousy and I ended up touching up a lot of overspray.

I honestly am not fond of this Zoid, the proportions look strange to me. I think it's the really small body coupled with the really big weapon saddled on it!

Length- 9 1/2"

Height- 5"

Power- 2 x AAA

Crew- one