Mad Thunder!

Yeah baby! This is one awesome Zoid! Mad Thunder is scheduled to be re-released Fall of '01, but this is the original Japanese release. What can one say about MT? He is one of the most sought after Zoids, right up there with King Goj. His reputation is well deserved, he's very impressively detailed and does not disappoint when the power switch is turned on! Plus he has back mounted weapons that are properly in scale with his massive body.

I have to admit I haven't cleaned this one up yet, I put him together as soon as I got him because I had to see him in action. There is a pilot mounted in the top of the head, a small hatch pivots up and the pilot's seat swings up vertically. There's also a larger hatch behind the head shield that exposes a command center with 3 (count 'em, 3!) mindriders at various controls.

Under power, MT stomps very slowly along. His eyes light up continuously, the cylinder on his back (behind the guns) spins, the 2 large horns spin in opposite directions, his mouth opens and closes, his tail swings and 2 small disks on each side spin around. Wow, there's a lot going on! Very impressive in motion. In addition, there's a switch on the right side that has a slow and fast setting, it controls the horn spinning speed.

Length- 23" (woah!)

Height- 10"

Power- 2 x C

Crew- four