They're big, they're bad! I disassembled all 3 of these and cleaned every little part and restored them to their grand elegance (that's right, no customizing here!) The left and right Mammoths are the Radio Shack version which is identical to the original Japanese issue (except for having the word "Tandy" on the battery cover). The red Mammoth in the middle is the European version. There is rumored to be a green or blue French version as well although it is unlikely.

When fired up, Mammoth lumbers along like the behemoth he is! His feet slowly thunder forward, each step making a stomping motion. The trunk arcs and cranes upward as if he's trumpeting and the ears flap slowly back and forth. One really cool feature are the 2 weapons stations, 1 on the back and 1 on the tail. A really fun Zoid!

Length- 15"

Height- 7-1/2"

Power- 2 x C

Crew- three


The red Mammoth is like his American cousin shown above, but molded in red with metallic silver parts and silver pilots. This pic really doesn't do him justice.