How about this beauty? This is possibly the hardest 1/24 scale Zoid to lay your hands on. Unlike your typical 1/72 scale Zoid, the larger scale Zoids came with large action figures that look like Star Wars Stormtroopers and have not been reissued recently.

As you can see, this particular Zoid has wonderful translucent blue body panels. The "head" panels fold out to the sides to expose a gunner station while the back panels pivot forward to expose a 2nd gunner's station. There is also a small platform on the tail that fold down to either hold another figure (standing) or for docking another 1/24 scale Zoid called Sandspeeda.

Mega stomps along under battery power and swings it's head back and forth. The spring that loops up and over spins a gearbox in the nose which in turn rotates the nose mounted gatling gun. Very cool!

Length- 12"

Height- 7"

Power- 2 x AA

Crew- three (1/24 scale figures)