Mewtwo- BEWARE!!!

This project was inspired by a pic I found on a Japanese Zoids web site. I thought it was too cool, so I searched around and got lucky enough to find a Japanese windup model kit (by Tomy) that turned out to be the EXACT same kit that was used in the pic I found!

I built mine a bit different, I wanted Pika's face to show (it was cut away in the other one) so I mounted the cockpit higher on his head. I spent what probably amounted to hours cutting, trimming and sanding to get the cockpit and windshield to fit just right. After that was done, I installed guns that I feel look like ray guns in keeping with Pika's Electroshock special attack. I drilled the body and mounted sprue pins to support the guns. The guns and cockpit are painted in metalizer and the mindrider is the gold version. The guns are all movable and the cockpit hatch opens and closes. The windup motion is also fully functional, Pika walks forward and his feet make a little walking motion as well (the actual forward motion is via pins underneath the body).

Length- 3 1/2"

Height- 3"

Power- small windup

Crew- one

There are several other windup Pokemon kits like this, I'm hoping a can find a few more to create a PokeZoid army!

Below is the original pic I found on a Japanese web site. Builder is unknown since I can't read Japanese!

UPDATE: at long last I know who created this PikaZoid! Many thanks to Darth Smile for informing me that Japanese Zoids legend Mr. Raku was the creator of the custom pictured below. To see more of Mr. Raku's excellent custom work, click the link below.